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Cultural Courses

You cannot learn Italian in Turin without getting to know the city, which as Italy’s first capital has played an important role in the country’s history.

CiaoItaly has therefore created a programme of cultural courses aimed at investigating the city’s various historical stages through a multidisciplinary approach embracing art, music, literature and cinema. The courses, designed in collaboration with Mediares, consist of two two-hour sessions divided into classroom lessons and guided tours of the city. Workshops can be activated even if only a single student is interested. Given the linguistic difficulty of the themes proposed, it is recommended that students have at least an intermediate level of Italian.

Students can choose from the following themes:
Egypt in Turin: mummies, statues, divinities and exhibits in the second most important Egyptian museum in the world.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Roman Turin: Emperor Augustus and Roman buildings dating back to the city’s foundation.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Medieval Turin: buildings, churches and castles of the “Quadrilatero” area.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Baroque Turin: the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Savoyard city and in Piedmont’s Royal Residences.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Risorgimento Turin: Turin, first capital of Italy, home of artists, scholars and politicians.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Liberty Turin: dragons, flowers and masks decorate houses and watch over us from above.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Contemporary Turin: sculptures and buildings by international artists recount Turin’s transformations.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Vertical Turin: analysis of the old town and a number of buildings that recount a two-thousand year history.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Turin and the cinema: Turin’s streets, squares and buildings that have featured in films or TV adverts.
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Tasty Turin: Piedmontese culinary specialities, both famous and lesser-known (gianduiotti, baci di dama, cri cri, breadsticks, finanziera, bicerin, vermouth).
2h in the classroom and 2h guided tour
Italian Cinema: A linguistic and cultural journey with a special focus on films set in Turin and on the vices and virtues of Italians.
4h in the classroom
Italian Literature: Turin and Italy through the words of the city’s best-known authors. Monographs and broader topics telling the story of Turin and Italy.
4h in the classroom
Italian Music: A journey into the words and music of Italian songwriters through an analysis of various songs which are crucial for the understanding of Italian history, culture and language. Analysis of the poetry in music which has characterised several generations of Italians.
4h in the classroom

Number of participants Price for each
four-hour module
1 €160.00
2 €100.00 per person
3-4 €80.00 per person
5-12 €50.00 per person
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