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Enrolment procedure and regulations


1. Conditions of enrolment
  1. The minimum age of enrolment is 16 years old.
  2. Provided that the participants are relatives, they will get a discount of 5% starting from the second enrolment.
  3. The parents or the proxy of minors must provide, during the enrolment procedure, the address which is always available in the event that the school needs to contact them before taking a certain decision. In the event of non-observance or unavailability, the decisions made by the school will be considered valid, and the parents or the proxy must be responsible for the relative disbursement, if necessary, carried out as a consequence of that decision. Each student is required to behave him/herself properly. In the event of a serious violation, upon previous communication to the parents, the school will see to the expulsion of the student with expenses charged to the participant and with no refund.
  4. There is no refund for students who do not attend the lessons.
  5. The school reserves the right to cancel any course, modify the timetable and change prices and the total number of hours based on alternative solutions offered to clients in the event that the minimum number of course participants is not reached. This means that, if the number of students enrolling on a group course is less than the minimum, the said course will be converted, with no increase in price, into an individual, semi-individual or mini-group course with a reduced number of hours. This number of hours will correspond to the commercial value of the group course on which the students had originally enrolled.
  6. During lessons, students of collective courses must not cause any inconvenience to the other particpants; the penalty is removal from the class without any refund.
  7. After signing the application form or any other written form of participation, the student accepts all conditions of this regulation.

2. Calendar and duration of the lessons
  1. The lessons are normally carried out from Monday to Friday. In the event of a local or public holiday, the lessons, except if previously agreed otherwise, will not take place and the school will not be responsible for any refund. The school closes the following days: 1st January, 6th January, 25th April, 1st May, 2nd June, 24th June, 15th August, 1st November, 8th December, 25th and 26th December.
  2. The courses start every Monday of the month. The duration of the lessons are 60 minutes.

3. Enrolment procedure
  1. Enrolment demands a registration fee of € 65. Such a fee includes the administrative expenses of the course, the study material and the Abbey Card. In the event that the student drops out of school, there is no refund of the above-mentioned registration fee.
  2. Regarding enrolment, it is necessary to send the application form filled in in its entirety and the payment receipt of 50% of the total cost of the course plus the registration fee (€ 65.00). The payment can be made in cash or by means of credit transfer to the current account n. 100000065886, ABI: 03069, CAB: 01004 (IBAN: IT63 O030 6901 0041 0000 0065 886 - BIC: BCITITMM) payable to CIAO ITALY DI AVIDANO CHIARA c/o INTESA SANPAOLO - Agenzia 504 - Corso Peschiera, 151 - 10141 TORINO.
  3. Payment must be made at least 7 days before the beginning of the course. To be admitted to the course, the student needs to show a payment receipt. If the payment is not made within the fixed terms, the school has the power to cancel the contract by default, with the right to keep the sum of money already paid and also to claim residual credit.
  4. The foreign students who ask for a student visa must contact the Italian Embassy in their countries before performing all bureaucratic procedures. The certificate of enrolment issued by the school is one of the conditions of obtaining the visa. In order to receive the above-mentioned certificate the student must pay in advance all the necessary costs. In the event that the embassy rejects the visa application, 90% of the amount paid will be refunded, while the individual student or agent will be charged only for the following expenses: €65.00 for the enrolment fee and €150.00 of administrative costs.

4. Waiver conditions
  1. Each waiver must be received by the school in writing: telegram, registered letter, fax or e-mail, with a justification and any relative documentation. No other means of communication is accepted.
  2. In the event of a waiver, the participant will incur the following fines calculated on the entire participation quota:
    • up to 30 days of forewarning from the beginning of the course: no fine, full refund except bank expenses and registration fees.
    • Cancellation between 29 and 15 days from the beginning of the course: fine of 50% of the total amount, plus registration fee and bank expenses. In any case, if during this period the student who drops out of school is substituted by another participant, the student who cancels the course will pay only € 100 for administrative expenses.
    • No refund is granted for cancellations starting from 14 days before the beginning of the course.

5. Travel and accommodation contracts
  1. The school has no responsibility for any damage which the participants and their properties might suffer during their trip or stay. The school is not responsible for irregularity, delays, transport defects and expenses caused by illnesses, quarantines, wars, strikes, etc.
  2. In terms of accommodation for the students, the school acts merely as an intermediary between the landlord and the student, and has no responsibility for the relationship between these two parties.

6. Health Insurance

Students who do not have any insurance against sickness are advised to take out an insurance plan. Citizens of the European Community have access to free medical care in Italy if they have the E111 form, which can be provided by the medical authority of their country before their departure for Italy. The non-EC students must verify with the authorities of their countries whether they are covered by health insurance for their stay in a foreign country. If they are not, they should consider taking out insurance during their period of stay in Italy. No insurance is provided for any damage suffered or accidents outside the school.

7. Competent Tribunal

The Court of Turin has jurisdiction over any controversy or dispute.


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