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CiaoItaly is also a love story and friendship.

It is because of her origin and her passion for teaching which brought Sylvie to Italy and that, in 1996, abbeySCHOOL was born.

Love for Italy and languages also brought Evelyn to Turin and thanks to her, the second branch of abbeySCHOOL was opened in 2007.

From love for Turin, language and Italian culture of Chiara CiaoItaly was born, which never would have been able to happen without friendship of Sylvie and Evelyn. CiaoItaly was born because these two generous persons have given their trust to a dreamer and have believed in her.

CiaoItaly, therefore, is also the story of a dream which comes true.

Then it is a story of meeting by luck with people who have worked with passion and hence rendered their works excellent: Jurgens of the Pizzeria La Verace, Carla of the Sanbayon, Paola, Dante and Franco of the chocolate shop Monteccone, Mr. Gianfranco Albano and his son Alessandro of the Enoteca Da Bacco.

CiaoItaly is still a story of friendship and affection of students, collaborators and friends who have contributed to its growth.

Thanks, therefore, to Dévora, Evelyn, Dolly, Svitlana, Suzy, Andy, Yifei, Eddie, Adele, Larissa, Tomoko and Fey for the translation.

Thanks to Pierantonio, Isabella, Marco, Alvaro, Yifei, Niu, Zhe, Ping, Xiaochen, Khadija, Consuelo, Debbie, Liang, Jingwen, Xiang, Frida, Christine, Roberto, Bo, Silvia, Cecilia, Fey, Miriam, Gerrit, Elena, Marios, Chiara, Sergio, Eleonora and Anna for the photos, help and support.

A special thanks to Silvia, who always put everything in order and balance all accounts.

A very special thanks to Davide and Giancarlo, who have created this wonderful website with infinite patience and hard work.

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