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The city and recreational activities

Turin, with its 14 km of Porticos, is one of the most fascinating and mysterious cities in Italy. Its magic consists of its fusion of arts, history and vanguard.

Under its layer of Savoyard rigour, there is a pulsating vivacity and vitality which not only amaze, but literally enchant the visitor: baroque buildings and futuristic architecture, antique art collections and international film exhibitions, the Egyptian Museum, which is the second most important in the world for its archaeological exhibits, and sports teams of global renown.

The tradition of Italy's first capital lives on in the old cafés and restaurants in the city centre. A complex of industries and world class higher education institutions make Turin one of the most important technological and scientific centres in Italy. The winter Olympics of 2006 also brought Turin into the global spotlight.

The school organises free guided tours:
  • to the city (also Magical Turin and Underground Turin)
  • to the city's main museums: Egyptian Museum, Museum of Cinema, Automobile Museum, Museum of Antiquity, Gallery of Modern Art, Accorsi Museum, Palazzo Madama
  • to the Basilica of Superga
  • to the medieval village and Valentino park
  • to the typical markets of Crocetta and Porta Palazzo
  • to Savoyard royal palaces: Stupinigi, Royal Venaria, Racconigi, Rivoli and Moncalieri
  • to Olympic sites.

On request, and for an additional price, it will be possible to attend:
  • an aperitif under the porticos
  • a speciality dinner
  • local evenings and events
  • traditional events such as the Ivrea Carnival and The Siege of Canelli
  • plays at theatre
  • culinary tours to discover of the flavours of the region
  • wine tasting, in winery and in the vineyards of Langhe and Monferrato
  • cookery and baking workshops: Neapolitan pizza, Cucina Piemontese, Chocolate, Bread and breadsticks
  • a weekend in the snow and itineraries to discover the Piedmontese mountains
  • golfing itineraries
  • events organised by tour operators Somewhere, Mobigiò and Promotur.

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