How to apply for a Student Visa

Visa applying

The school issues, on students' request, an attendance certificate in order to allow them to obtain a student visa or permit of stay in Italy.

An entry visa is not necessary for citizens of the European Union. Students from outside the European Union who wish to enrol must apply for a Study Visa from the Italian Embassy in their country of origin, presenting:
  • A certificate of enrolment released by an accredited school for the issuing of visas;
  • Proof of accommodation – i.e. either a hotel or guesthouse booking, the availability of an apartment or the willingness of someone to host them (with a handwritten "Letter of Invitation");
  • A healthcare policy that covers the entire period of their stay in Italy;
  • A guarantee of the availability of financial means sufficient for the entire duration of the student’s course/stay in Italy (www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/226);
  • A return plane ticket.
The standard practices for issuing a visa may vary according to the Embassy or Consulate in the country in question. It is therefore advisable to enquire at the relevant Consulate Offices in order to discover exactly what documentation is required.

The enrolment certificate will be issued by the school upon payment of the total cost of the course, and for the duration of the said course only. In the event that the visa application is rejected by the Italian Embassy, the student will be entitled to a refund of 90% of the amount paid, but will be charged for the following expenses: €80.00 for the enrolment fee and €150.00 of administrative costs. One is reminded that bank charges are payable by the student. Once the visa has been obtained, it is not possible to either cancel or change the dates of the course for which the visa has been awarded. If a student, having entered Italy with a study visa, does not attend lessons for two consecutive days without informing the school beforehand, the school will assume the responsibility of informing the police of the said student’s unjustified absence. One is reminded that the Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad only issue study visas longer than three months for enrolments to courses comprising at least 20 hours per week.

In the event that the student holds a visa with a duration greater than 90 days, it is necessary to present, within 8 days of arriving in Italy, an application for a Residence Permit to the Immigration Office of the local police headquarters.

In this regard, CiaoItaly, in collaboration with Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione, has organised an exclusive application management service and is able assist students in all application procedures. Upon specific request and for a fee of €60.00, the school’s secretarial office will provide students with direct access to all the necessary forms and documentation, ready to be handed in to the police station. The school will follow the entire application procedure until the Residence Permit is issued.

Our services relating to applications for a Residence Permit for Study Reasons:
  • Consultancy regarding the feasibility of the application on the part of the Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione agency;
  • Gathering of documentation in accordance with current regulations and the standard practices of Turin Police Headquarters;
  • Retrieval of documents on the part of the agency in the event that the possibility of proxy is foreseen;
  • Retrieval and compilation of forms;
  • Delivery to the agency of a copy of the application receipt so that the progress of the said application can be checked;
  • Check and indication of the date the applicant is summoned to appear at the police station to have photo and prints taken;
  • Check and indication of any requests for further documentation;
  • Check and indication of the date the applicant is summoned to the police station to collect the Permit of Residence;
  • Client assistance in all stages of the application until delivery of the Residence Permit;
  • After issue, a check will be made of the Residence Permit’s expiry date and the holder will be informed in good time with regard to subsequent renewal.
The price of the service is €60.00, including any subsequent certification costs and duty stamps.

In the event of any specific problems, or should reminders and/or appeals be necessary, the services of the Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione agency’s legal department will be available. The intervention of the legal department will be subject to separate fees according to the complexity of the case. On request, it will be possible to be accompanied by an interpreter to the Police Headquarters for the photograph or any other procedures for which the applicant must be present. This service is also subject to an additional fee.



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