Permit of Stay

Permit of Stay
All foreign citizens who intend to request the issue of a Permit of Stay (i.e. the Permit of Stay CE for long-term stays in accordance with art. 9, paragraph 1 of the T.U. of 98/286) must pass an Italian language test achieving level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages proposed by the European Council.

Issuing requirements: the applicant must
  • Have been legally resident in Italy for at least 5 years;
  • Be in possession of a valid renewable residence permit;
  • Receive sufficient income in relation to the size of his/her family unit;
  • Pass an Italian language test.

The following are exempt from the test:
  • Those under 14 years of age;
  • Those in possession of a certificate issued by the public health service, declaring serious language learning difficulties due to age, pathologies or disabilities;
  • Those in possession of a level A2 Italian language certificate issued by a certifying body recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by MIUR;
  • Those who have attended an Italian language course at one of the Provincial Centres for Adult Education and who have been awarded a diploma certifying level A2;
  • Those who have been awarded a level one or level two secondary school diploma at an Italian school, or who are attending a degree, master or doctorate course at an Italian State or legally recognised university;
  • Foreigners who have obtained, through the credit points accumulated via an integration agreement in accordance with article 4-bis of the T.U., recognition of a level of competence in the Italian language no lower than A2;
  • Foreigners who entered Italy in accordance with art. 27, paragraph 1 letters a), c), d) and q) of the T.U. 98/286.

An application to participate in the test should be presented, via internet, to the relevant prefecture. The foreign citizen will be summoned by the prefecture to take the test within 60 days of the application being received. The convocation will indicate the day, time and location of the exam. In order to pass the test, based on the comprehension of short texts and on the ability of candidates to interact, a total mark of 80% is required. In the event that the test is failed, it will be necessary to repeat the test and make another online application (with no additional costs provided that the test is retaken within 4 months).

CiaoItaly, in collaboration with Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione, organises an exclusive management service for Permit of Stay applications. Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione, at whose offices (Via Genova, 23\c) enrolment will take place, will be responsible for gathering and checking the required documents as well as online enrolment for the exam. The courses, which will start at the beginning of every month, will be organised into 8 evening lessons lasting 2 hours each. During the course, the participants will be able to prepare for the Italian language exam, and they will receive a free book and audio CD so that they can also study at home. A free entry test is foreseen in order to evaluate the students’ suitability for the course.

Administrative procedure for the issuing of a Permit of Stay:
  • Consultancy relating to practical feasibility at the Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione agency;
  • Request for an appointment at CiaoItaly to take the Italian language test;
  • Gathering documentation as foreseen by current regulations;
  • Retrieval of documentation on the part of the Integra Servizi per l’Immigrazione agency in which the possibility of proxy is foreseen (registry office certificates, pension contribution and/or chamber of commerce certification, suitable housing certificates);
  • Retrieval and compilation of the postal kit;
  • Delivery to the agency of a copy of the dispatch receipt for the postal kit so that the application’s progress can be checked;
  • Check and indication of the date the applicant is summoned to appear at the police station to have photo and prints taken;
  • Check and indication of any requests for further documentation;
  • Check and indication of the date the applicant is summoned to the police station to collect the Permit of Stay;
  • Client assistance in all stages of the application until delivery.

The service includes all certification costs and the duty stamp for the application. For family units, the suitable housing certificate is free. Everything is free for children under 14 years of age.




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